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Roast Duck with Orange Sauce Recipe - Carol's Stock Market

Roast Duck with Orange Sauce

If you are looking to break away from the traditional roast turkey Christmas dinner, but you don’t want to disappoint family members who look forward to Christmas as usual, then you should try this delicious recipe for Orange Duck.

The taste and texture of roast duck infused with the tanginess of orange is a mouth-watering combination. A perfect way to mix things up a little while maintaining the tradition of a celebratory Christmas dinner table.

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Easy Butter Chicken Recipe - Carol's Stock Market

Easy Butter Chicken

This is a great dish for sharing if you have family and friends around. I made it in a large pot which a placed on the centre of the table and everybody helped themselves, served it with Basmati rice, and I also made some flatbreads which are perfect for dipping in the sauce. It’s the perfect solution for a gathering and it's so easy to make.
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Turmeric Chicken Casserole Recipe - Carol's Stock Market

Turmeric Chicken Casserole

After a few false starts, well nobody is perfect, I think I have hit the bull’s eye.
What I like about this dish is the simplicity and versatility. The dish has a really delicious combination of healthy ingredients which you can play around with and adjust to suit your taste. It’s a good family option which is so easy-to-make and once it’s out of the oven, you can just pop it on the table and a centre piece and shout "DIG IN"!
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Fish Mappas Recipe - Carol's Stock Market

Fish 'Mappas' Curry

It takes a lot to beat a good fish curry and this one is guaranteed to make your mouth water. I love the fresh clean taste. It's not a hot curry so don’t worry about killing those taste buds. Try it out yourself and let us know what you think. Play around with the ingredients yourself and modify to your own taste. I serve mine with basmati rice but the dish would go well with small potatoes or indeed some bread on the side.
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